A Parandroid Films short-film

“Camera Guitar” is a low budget production shot in 16 mm with an Arriflex camera in New York City by a young multi-national team. Is a story about the differents perceptions of beauty: image for one of the character, music for the other; and the uncertainty of not knowing who may or may not be gay.

Synopsis: A young and lonely photographer takes some pictures of a street musician who plays in Central Park. From that moment on, he passes the same place every day. Apparently too shy to strike up a conversation, the guitarist assumes he just likes the music.

Running Time: 8 min 10 sec
Shooting: 16 mm
Format: DVD
Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Completed: June 2009


George Loomis
Daniel Wilkinson
Ayako Ibaraki

Director of photography: Beatriz Sepitiba
Director's Assistant: Nuria de Palma
Sound: Yiorgos Feidas
Assistant Camera: Patricio Martinez
Music: Daniel Wilkinson
Gaffer: Ricardo Araripe
Writer, editor, director: Miguel Lafuente
Film: Kodak Vision-3 16 mm
Laboratory: Colorlab NYC


Torino LGBT International Film Festival
Pink Apple Film Festival, Switzerland
Verzaubert Queer Film Weekend, Germany

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